Survival Guide for New Parents

Survival Guide for New Parents

You already knew that taking care of a baby is not easy. But now that the time has come, you really notice how hard it is. Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips!

You have just completed the delivery and then you are already faced with the next challenge: taking care of a baby. Of course it is not anything, being responsible for something so small and valuable baby journey blog. For months you have been fantasizing about what it would be like when your baby finally arrives. You must have had an idyllic picture in your head. Now that the time has come, you stand with your hands in your hair for a moment and you may wonder: “What did us get started?!” Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a manual. These tips will help you survive those first weeks!

A baby needs to eat, be changed and sleep. Easy peasy, right? Well if you thought this you are very wrong. There is so much to taking care of a baby. It really is a full-time job! We give you some tips to survive those first few weeks.

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Accept Help from Others

Or even ask for it! You may think you should be able to do it all yourself, but you really don’t have to. It is not without reason that you have a maternity nurse to help you start up for the first week . And when she’s gone, you can still call in the help of your mother, sister, girlfriend or neighbor for a few weeks (or months).

Sleep Is Your Best Friend

You sleep when the baby is asleep is usually the advice. Of course this is not done as easily as said, but it is important that you take those precious hours of sleep where you can anyway. If your baby is sleeping, try to lie down as well. The household can wait and watch your favorite series too. Never underestimate the effects of sleep deprivation. It can really break you up and then you are further away from home. So in the context of tip no. 1: accept help! Take off each other, or let your baby sleep with grandpa and grandma so that you can refuel for the night. Then you can also go back to it!

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Set Priorities

Where you previously had a to-do list of at least ten things every day, you can now keep it at a maximum of three. So you have to adjust your priorities. Your baby will be number 1 from now on; things like work and housekeeping are just a little less important. 

Don’t Forget Yourself

In addition to sleep, make sure that you also have some quality time for yourself. Otherwise you will quickly become screaming mad and you will get annoyed by everything. Regularly go for a walk, run or meet up with friends. You can leave your baby with your partner or mother for a while. Remember, you are better able to take care of your child when you still have your right mind.